Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Favourite Film and TV Day 3: Northern Exposure

Bonkers but brilliant. I love any drama set in a small quirky town and this show does it brilliantly.

Dr. Joel Fleischman is, very reluctantly, sent to practice in Cicely, Alaska. In the first season we see the show through his eyes and meet all of the weird and wonderful characters in the town.

It's one of those programmes where you really need to watch it to appreciate how brilliant the characters are and tune into its off the wall humour, but here are a few clips to give you a taster.

Chris In The Morning the radio presenter creates pieces of art in the town. This is his Northern Lights:

Adam is the wild man who lives in the woods. Here he is telling Maurice, the former astronaut, about his conspiracy theories:


Ed and Chris trying to find Princess the crane a mate:

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