Monday, 23 February 2015

What I'm Working On

Well January didn't exactly get off to the productive start I had planned. I was summoned for jury service and placed on a particularly tough case made all the more bearable by a wonderful bunch of fellow jurors. We kept each other upbeat with good conversation, snacks and my latest addiction- Boggle

I am, however, currently working on a number of very exciting projects which I will be able to fill you in on over the next few months. One of these is that I have been accepted into the Hereford Arts Markets. The markets take place in Hereford High Town and are a chance to meet local designers and makers and purchase their work. Entry is free. Come and say hello!

The Hereford Arts Markets dates for 2015 are:

Saturday 11th April 9am-5pm
Saturday 12th September 9am-5pm
Saturday 12th December 9am-5pm
Sunday 13th December 10am-4pm

Further information is available at the Brightstripe for Culture website here

In other news, I visited my brother Harvey over the weekend. He is a real film buff and we always end up watching loads of films together because he usually despairs at how little I've seen. The film I really enjoyed over the weekend was 'The Boxtrolls' by Laika Animation Studios. It's pretty dark for a children's film and would definitely have frightened me when I was younger, but the story is great fun and the stop motion animation is incredible. I really enjoyed watching the special features and seeing how much work went into each movement in the film.