Wednesday, 2 September 2015

A New Publication: Werifesteria Press

Alice and I have been working on our next publication and we were very excited that it has officially gone to print this week!

Our previous book, ‘A Yuletide Tale’, is an artisan handmade book featuring archival quality fine art prints and was of a limited print run of 50. The book was a great success but was very much a time and cost intensive labour of love.

We both decided that we wanted to expand our range of books with something a little more accessible to all for our next publication and came upon the idea of a quarterly anthology. Something for younger readers to purchase with their pocket money and for readers of ‘A Yuletide Tale’ to add to their collection.

During our Bologna trip we received positive feedback across the board for our independent approach to bookmaking and  we were told that the English folklore theme which so fascinates us both is definitely the direction for us to go in. With this in mind, we decided to name our small press ‘Werifesteria Press’.

Werifesteria, pronounced ‘were-i-fest-ear-ia’, is an Old English word meaning ‘to wander longingly through the forest in search of mystery’. We decided that this was the perfect name for us. In a world of e-books and websites requiring little attention and time, our publications are books to be held and treasured. We are enthralled by traditional tales, myths and legends and want to share this love of storytelling.

Our quarterly anthology features illustrated short stories, poems, letters, pages from our sketchbooks and notebooks all inspired by English nature and folklore. The publication has a colour cover and features blank and white dip pen and ink illustrations throughout.

Werifesteria Press Volume One, entitled ‘Flight’, will be available from the 12th September at £9.50 each. I will have stock with me at the Hereford Art Market in High Town on that day, and will also have copies at the open studio event during h.Art (for details please see previous post). You can also order your copy directly from Alice or myself.