Sunday, 21 July 2013

Art in Action

Another arty visit! This time to my favourite art fair, Art in Action at Waterperry Gardens.

Here are a few of my favourites from the day:

 I really like these ceramic pieces by Brendan Hesmondhalgh. His work also made it to the 'Best of the Best' tent.

Another artist who featured in the 'Best of the Best' tent: Lizzie Farey with her willow sculptures.

My absolute favourite of the day has to be Claire Cawte. She makes beautiful felt pieces and prints natural materials onto handmade paper and silk. I am now the proud owner of the beautiful rose leaf scarf you can see hanging up on the wall just behind Claire's head!

I think a special mention also has to go to the absolutely delicious lunch we had from The Arabica Food and Spice Company. This is my lovely salady lunch with Lebanese lemonade. I'm afraid the Turkish Delight we had for pudding didn't last long enough to photograph!

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