Thursday, 29 August 2013

Recommended Read: The Lore of the Land

'The Lore of the Land' by Westwood & Simpson is a real gem of a book for anyone interested in English folklore, particularly in your local area. It's an absolutely fascinating book and is the sort of thing you can dip into for inspiration every now and then. You'll always find something that sparks an idea.

The book is organised by county, so you can learn more about where you live, or if you're like me just have a look at everything and see what takes your fancy. There are so many interesting local stories to be discovered. Unfortunately the area of Worcestershire that I live in didn't get a mention, but we have many faerie stories surrounding the area too. The book is a fantastic resource to have on your bookshelf though.

I'd love to hear any local legends you know of from your area.

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