Monday, 14 October 2013

Canadian Adventure: Final Day in Vancouver and Grouse Mountain

On our last day in Vancouver, I went to the Anthropology Museum which was absolutely fascinating. I've included a few pictures of the beautiful totem poles and artefacts on display there. They have also built a replica longhouse at the back of the museum.

'The  Raven and The First Men' by Bill Reid

Longhouse replica

After the museum, I met up with Dad and we re-visited The Urban Tea Merchant. They were so friendly there earlier in the week and recommended an amazing creme caramel tea, that we decided to go for tea and a pudding. I tried 'An Afternoon in Venice' (what a great name!) and had a delicious panna cotta.

tea + pudding = happy

We then went back to the hotel for what we thought was a leisurely afternoon of getting ready for the final dinner up Grouse Mountain. Luckily, I had decided to get ready and then make a start on my packing so I was almost ready when a frantic knock on the door and some colourful language from Dad informed me that he'd got the wrong hour for dinner. We had to leave right away. Fortunately for us we caught the final coach to the cable car!

Stressed? Us?!

The cable car was the only journey on the trip where I didn't feel travel sick at all, so I was quite proud of myself! I thought we were just going to a restaurant at the top of the mountain, but we got to have a walk around and see some rescue bears too! It looked very dramatic with the clouds level with the trees, but once we'd gone inside and started our lovely dinner, the sky cleared so we could appreciate the amazing views.

Misty Mountain

Beautiful bear

Our lovely table at dinner

Top of the Mountain

Dad and I then danced the night away with our best disco moves, and even attracted our own crowd and backing dancers! Thankfully no photographic evidence of this one!!

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