Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Warner Brothers Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter

Last weekend I went to visit my brother, Harvey, in Amersham. Harv was an excellent brother and took me to the Harry Potter Studio Tour

We had an absolutely amazing time. I'm really gullible when it comes to films so my mind was blown by all of the behind the scenes magic. I was also very excited the whole way round, as can be seen from the cheesy grin in most of the photos!

The Great Hall!

No. 4 Privet Drive

Harv actually works in special effects himself, and did a few days work experience on the final film, so had seen a lot of it as it was still being used. We also enjoyed looking for his work friends in the wand room.

Wand shopping

I loved every part of the tour, but a few of the highlights for me were The Great Hall, the Creature Effects section, Diagon Alley and the stunning model of Hogwarts.



Hagrid's motorbike

Thanks for an amazing day Harv!

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